Tomato Mix Color


There are three new varieties in the Datterino tomato family: the Gandini Tigrato (striped), the Gandini Yellow Datterino and the Gandini Red Datterino. The Tigrato variety dates back to the early 2000s. Besides being decorative, the Tigrato is characterised by an initial sweetness, followed by a hint of smokiness. In the kitchen it is ideal for salads,  sauces and bruschetta. The Yellow and Red  Datterino tomatoes, meanwhile, have a sweet flavour with absolutely no acidity, which makes them popular for use in fish and seafood dishes.

Degrees Brix: 12°

energy 33 kcal / 139 KJ
fat 0,89g
carbohydrates 4,6g (di cui zuccheri 4,2g)
fibre 0,8g
protein 1,2g
sodium 0,037g