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A controlled process

Each phase contributes to guaranteeing you a top quality product.
Pomodori Gandini Antonio

Research and development

The Gandini company has always gone the extra step, and originality and innovation have always been part of its DNA, creating new standards and improving existing ones. We select only tomato varieties with an intense flavour and experiment with them in our greenhouse to enhance their characteristics.
Pomodori Gandini Antonio


Over the years our greenhouses have evolved to the point where we are one of the most modern companies in Italy. Our team makes sure that everything is perfect throughout every stage of production, guaranteeing an impeccable final result.
Pomodori Gandini Antonio


A tomato must be full of flavour, and this is why our tomatoes are harvested only when they are completely ripe.
Pomodori Gandini Antonio


All our tomatoes are selected and packaged by hand, one by one, coordinated by OP Guidizzolo, to ensure the highest quality day after day. The packages are especially designed, coordinated by OP Guidizzolo, to allow you to enjoy your tomatoes at any time of the day.
Pomodori Gandini Antonio


Picked and shipped! Thanks to our fast transport service, Gandini tomatoes can reach OP Guidizzolo, to which our products are conferred, and customers within a few hours after harvesting.
Pomodori Gandini Antonio


The short supply chain between producer and consumer guarantees an extremely fresh and flawless product on the shelves of the fruit and vegetable department.