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Hydroponic growing

Coltivazione idroponica Gandini

Hydroponic Tomatoes without Nickel

Our tomatoes do not absorb Nickel from the soil because they are grown hydroponically, that is, above ground in a sustainable growing system.
Instead of soil, we use a layer of inert material and water the tomato plants with a balanced solution of water and minerals necessary for their growth. The plants are all closed-loop: in this way we can recover the water used for irrigation and minimize its waste. The greenhouses are perfectly insulated, allowing production independent of weather conditions and sheltered from the most common forms of environmental pollution.
The hydroponic cultivation of our tomatoes allows us to obtain a product of the highest quality while simultaneously reducing the concentration of Nickel to levels so low that it is not even detected by laboratory instruments (less than 0.01 mg/kg).

Coltivazione idroponica Gandini

Gandini Hydroponic Tomatoes

All varieties of our tomatoes benefit from hydroponic cultivation, thanks to which we are able to offer uniquely flavored products with absolutely negligible levels of Nickel.
This applies to our Cuore di Bue, meaty with a pinkish color, very flavorful and slightly sweet. Excellent used raw, ideal in the summer months to replenish vitamins and minerals.
Our Datterini Tomatoes, yellow and red, on the other hand, are perfect for fish or seafood recipes, while the tiger quality is suitable for salads sauces and bruschetta.

Coltivazione idroponica Gandini
Coltivazione idroponica Gandini

The Costoluto Gandini Tomato, which is incredibly tender and meaty, can also be used in sauces and salads. And again: the Cherry Tomato, with its bright color and sweet, aromatic taste, excellent both in cooking and raw, the Cocktail Tomato, with its perfect balance of acidity and sweetness, and the MiniPlum Sunstream, wonderfully sweet and pure, with its unmistakable spicy aroma.
For the more nutritional value-conscious, we thought of the last two varieties that complete Gandini's hydroponic tomato offerings: the Oblong Portento Tomato with the classic San Marzano shape, an excellent antioxidant, and the Yoom Tomato, a super food with the perfect balance between acidity and sugar content, enhanced by the exotic flavor of Umami.

Coltivazione idroponica Gandini

La Passata

Gandini Hydroponic Tomatoes are the base from which our Nickel free passata is made. All-natural, only Nickel- and salt-free tomatoes. It is a puree without: GMOs, preservatives, peels, seeds and with Nickel under 0.02 mg/kg. Just the intense taste of tomatoes.


Gandini Hydroponic Tomatoes are constantly subjected to laboratory analysis by independent testing bodies and certified Nickel-free, for maximum protection of intolerant people.

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Coltivazione idroponica Gandini