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A history combining
innovation and tradition

What we believe in

Pomodori Gandini Antonio
Pleasing both to the eye and the palate, no tomato leaves our company without being controlled and guaranteed.
Pomodori Gandini Antonio
We monitor every single stage, from the seed to the shelf, carrying out analyses to guarantee safe, high quality products.
Pomodori Gandini Antonio
We limit the use of plant protection products and minimise land use in order to ensure that our products are healthy, environmentally friendly and certified.
Pomodori Gandini Antonio
We have at heart both people and the environment. We use water and energy in a sustainable way. In addition to this, in our greenhouses we introduce beneficial insects that help to control pests, thus limiting the use of pesticides.
Pomodori Gandini Antonio
Research and constant updating to discover new varieties and packaging and improve our company processes.
Pomodori Gandini Antonio
We are a family-run business and we personally take care of our plants and our relations with suppliers, customers and collaborators.

Our aim

To bring to your tables high-quality, genuine-tasting tomatoes all year round. Our promise is to guarantee a genuine, all-Italian, locally-sourced product obtained through a manufacturing cycle that is sustainable and respects both the environment and human resources.

Our history

Pomodori Gandini Antonio

Orticoltura Società Agricola Gandini Antonio is a family-run company founded in the 1950s as a vegetable farm. The importance of the land, the value of the family and the desire to grow are the factors that have guaranteed the company’s constant evolution. From the beginning the company has based its farming methods on the criteria of respect for the environment and people and the quality of the product. In the ‘90s the company built its first greenhouses for growing tomatoes, introducing innovative production techniques and bringing technology into its structures. Today this mechanism allows us to offer a constant, safe and sustainable product all year round.



Antonio Gandini founded the company and began to grow potatoes, salad greens and cabbage. A passion for genuine, authentic products, great dynamism and respect for the environment are the values ​​which have guided the company from the beginning and been handed down to the second generation.


Antonio's sons introduced the greenhouse tomato cultivation. This idea came about by travelling through Europe, encountering the best production techniques and satisfying the desire to experiment.


The search began for new varieties of tomato, focussing on varieties with distinctive flavours in order to satisfy the most demanding palates.


The company builds its first technological greenhouses, enabling innovative cultivation by controlling the internal microclimate and irrigation, thereby limiting water wastage and land use.


The company joins the OP Guidizzolo and thanks to its trading activity starts to collaborating with most of the distribution chains in Northern Italy.
At this moment the company steps up its pace: doubling the production area, increasing the number of varieties and extending the production cycles.


Under the trading activity carried out by OP Guidizzolo, the production area is expanded further and artificial lightening is adopted on part of the plantations to be able to supply Northern Italian customers all year around with local production (Km0).