Pomodori Gandini

Our history

A history between tradition and innovation

The value of the land, family, and the desire to grow is the guide that allows the company to constantly evolve


The Horticultural Company Agricultural Society Gandini Antonio is a family business that was founded in the 1950s with the production of vegetables and, from the beginning, the value of the land, the family, and the desire to grow is the guide that allows the company a constant evolution. From the beginning, the company cultivates by following certain criteria: respect for the environment, people and product quality.

Pomodori Gandini


Pomodori Gandini

Antonio Gandini founded the Company, began growing potatoes, salad, cabbage.

Love for genuine, authentic products, great dynamism and respect for the environment are the values that have guided the company from the beginning, later passed on to the second generation.


Antonio's sons, introduce greenhouse tomato cultivation.

The idea was born while traveling around Europe, encountering the best production techniques and indulging a desire to experiment.

Pomodori Gandini


Pomodori Gandini

Begin the search for new tomato varieties by favoring types with distinctive taste to pander to the most discerning palates.


The first technological greenhouses are built, which enable innovative cultivation by managing indoor microclimate and irrigation.

Water waste and soil exploitation are limited.

Pomodori Gandini


Pomodori Gandini

The company joins OP Guidizzolo and, thanks to the marketing activity carried out by Op Guidizzolo, begins to collaborate with most distribution chains in northern Italy.

Here the step change: doubling the production area, increasing varieties and lengthening production cycles.


The company joins OP Valleverde, the production area increases to about 50 hectares of cultivation in technological greenhouses between northern and southern Italy, and production under artificial light is introduced to ensure consumers a quality product 365 days a year.

Pomodori Gandini