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Gandini tomato sauce

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If you order the nickel-free purée, you will receive 12 jars of 200 ml!

Delivery in one/two working days (two/three days on Sardinia, Sicily and Calabria)


The Nichel Free tomato puree was born from the innovation of the Gandini company (nickel content less than 0.01 mg / kg).

All natural, only Gandini tomatoes and salt.

It is a puree without GMOs, without preservatives and with a nickel content of less than 0.01 mg / kg.

Only the intense taste of our tomatoes.



Experts estimate that 15% of the world population is affected by allergies and intolerances to nickel, one of the most common causes of allergic contact dermatitis. Over time, the consequences of nickel allergy can become very uncomfortable and painful.

Although the triggering cause of skin lesions is often contact with the offending metal (present in jewelry, coins, in some cutlery and utensils, etc.), it is important to know that nickel is not only found in objects, but also in many foods.

In more allergic people, even ingesting a small amount of a food rich in nickel can trigger an unwanted reaction.

The level of nickel contained in a food depends directly on the soil and water in which it was grown (for vegetables), as well as on the machinery and substances used during the various stages of the production chain. Therefore, even tomatoes can be a food at risk and for this reason it is very often banned from the diet of people with severe nickel allergy.



We restore the taste of tomatoes to those intolerant to nickel, thanks to hydroponic cultivation.

The Gandini puree is made using only certified nickel free equipment and tomatoes grown with hydroponic technique, ie out of the ground in a sustainable cultivation system. The soil is replaced by a layer of inert material and the seedlings are irrigated with a balanced solution of water and mineral salts necessary for their growth. The plants are a closed cycle and a player to recover the water used to irrigate and thus minimize waste.

Growing tomatoes with this technique allows us to obtain a very high quality product with an absolutely negligible nickel content (less than 0.01 mg / kg).


Our tomatoes are constantly subjected to laboratory analysis and certified nickel-free, for maximum protection of intolerant people. All bottles bear a specific lot number and expiration date and it is possible to check the nickel levels present in each lot in the Preventive Analysis available for each package.

Our puree is not only practically free of nickel to promote the well-being of all those who have developed an allergy or intolerance to this metal, but it is also incredibly dense and homogeneous. The velvety texture, the bright red color and the natural flavor make it perfect for any recipe of our culinary tradition.



From the greenhouse to the bottle we constantly check the quality of our product, to guarantee you a good and safe puree: the Gandini Nickel Free Puree contains no preservatives or additives: only Gandini tomatoes and very little salt, just enough to enhance their natural taste.

Thanks to the tomato puree without Nickel Gandini you can rediscover the taste of tomato on a plate of steaming spaghetti, on the most classic of daisies or even eaten cold on a bruschetta, with only a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Don't let your allergy deprive you of one of the most classic pleasures of Italian cuisine. Try our puree and rediscover the intense taste of tomato.

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